Thursday, 11 January 2018

Dyslexia - I had to look how to spell that up.

Here's a very short post. It's really just a repost, but it's also a round of applause to the Design Concil for a great article.

Being Dyslexic (don't worry clients, my partner is a Grammar / Spelling nerd). I'm always on the look out for champions of our unique talents. Normally the hero of the piece is the business luminary 'Richard Branson'. A successful businessman and celebrity of such titanic proportions, that the fact that he let's everyone know about his Dyslexia has no potential downside.

But you don't often see main stream individuals championing the disorder in the same fashion. I guess because there is still a potential for it to back fire, as clients and employers may regard the authors, coming out of the Dyslexic closet, as a negative.

So I'm here giving a beg whoop and a holla, or a 'shout out' in the common parlance. To the Design Council for a great bit of editorial, that helps to break down further the stigma, and explain how Dyslexia is a benefit not a curse. Well done Design Council and well don Ab Rogers and Jim Rokos for having the guts to pen the article about there personal views on the subject.

Read the article here:

Friday, 10 February 2017

No fluke

We developed this wine label for Waipapa Bay - a specially selected wine, imported through our client Peter Osbourne Wines. The labelling was designed for the UK market as part of the import and distribution service offered by this highly respected wine business. 

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Negative design

Powerfull, thought provoking and memorable. That's what can happen when you use the space that isn't there in graphics. Negative space. It's a wonderful trick that engages the mind of the viewer far more than just a great image. It's somehow captivating at a deeper level, because it makes your mind work out the visual trick. Because humans are hard wired to recognise silhouettes (it's a predatory response, earlier homonids needed to quickly work out friend from foe or prey items). You spend more time decoding and so therefore remembering, and because of your success, you get that cheeky warm feeling. The payoff - a smile and the opportunity of lodging your brand alongside it. So maybe next time your have a brief on your table, think more negatively, it might end up have very positive results.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Design with open arms

We are very pleased to be able to create a new identity and website for Calne Welfare Charities. Working alongside the charities Bursar and committee, headed by Lord Lansdowne. We designed a standout identity that instantly encompasses the groups charitable work of gifting monetary awards to the deserving and housing the needy. We took particularly attention to making sure that the symbol was economical to reproduce in single colour, with any medium.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Magic News

Our Paul Daniels memorial badge - designed for Brain Tumour Research and Debbie McGee is catching some headlines. You can get your's from Brain Tumour Research website via eBay here: LINK

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A real smoothy...

I know my partner in crime, here at Clearthinking HQ, will agree - there's nothing more unsightly than a knicker line. You are all dressed up, and Oh (that's no good)... it'll have to be the passion killers again.

But NO... no more knicker line worries! Enter - The Perfect Smoothy.

So we're sure you'll be interested in our new little underwear catalogue we have just produced for Perfect Smoothy. We think it's turned out, well rather smooth.

Friday, 11 March 2016

AdMedia Award Winner!

What's best about this award, is that this award isn't voted for by a panel of judges voting for their best mates work! It's a public vote. Generating response from the public, in whatever shape or form is what it's all about. So having been voted as this months Admedia Local Campaign Winner justifies everything we believe in. Creating work that connects with it's audience, effectively that generates a response. Happy days.

If this campaign has connected with you, and you'd like to to do more. Why not pop on over to, get registered and dust off the most outlandish hat you can find for the 24th March!