Thursday, 25 July 2013

Fighting spirit...

We are very pleased to create a new identity for Naomi's Fight for Life Fund. As part of our work for Brain Tumour Research (which we carry out for much reduced rates ) we develop fundraising group identities. Naomi's is the latest in a long line of logotypes we have produced.

Often the identity takes on a roll of symbolism. With the individuals personality being visually woven into the work. The logo acts as a talisman for all concerned and helps fundraisers with a physical symbol to rally behind in there efforts. It can be a difficult and emotionally sensitive job, weaving together the requirement to depict key elements of a persons personality with the needs of branding. We try and tell a visual story. Like Naomi's – one where she loves nature and is bravely continuing her fight against her tumour. With luck, love and more research, hopefully she will weather her very personal storm.

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