Thursday, 11 January 2018

Dyslexia - I had to look how to spell that up.

Here's a very short post. It's really just a repost, but it's also a round of applause to the Design Concil for a great article.

Being Dyslexic (don't worry clients, my partner is a Grammar / Spelling nerd). I'm always on the look out for champions of our unique talents. Normally the hero of the piece is the business luminary 'Richard Branson'. A successful businessman and celebrity of such titanic proportions, that the fact that he let's everyone know about his Dyslexia has no potential downside.

But you don't often see main stream individuals championing the disorder in the same fashion. I guess because there is still a potential for it to back fire, as clients and employers may regard the authors, coming out of the Dyslexic closet, as a negative.

So I'm here giving a beg whoop and a holla, or a 'shout out' in the common parlance. To the Design Council for a great bit of editorial, that helps to break down further the stigma, and explain how Dyslexia is a benefit not a curse. Well done Design Council and well don Ab Rogers and Jim Rokos for having the guts to pen the article about there personal views on the subject.

Read the article here:

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