Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Getting Phunky with ya Phackaging!

Today see's the launch of the Phunest packaging job we've done for ages.

Designed to argument the expanding product range of Enlight Photo's growing range of innovative photo focused products, as a fun addition to any photographers fridge. Photo Phridge Phun was designed around the personality and character of the business owner - James Madelin, to evoke a kitsch irreverence to all things photographic. It's all about capturing the photographic sub culture and using James's celebrity associated with the culture as a brand leveraging device. Whilst taking the opportunity to 'cross sell' enlight's product range. The product strategy, pack structure, illustration, design, artwork and copy was all created by Clearthinking Creative. We love it, and so does our Phridge! Check out the YouTube video!

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